Transform your kitchen with Replacement Kitchen Doors

Fast turnaround, factory finish, fixed parts sprayed to match new doors

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How we deliver our Kitchen Door Replacement service?

Kitchen Edit have added the door replacement service recently as we can see that sometimes clients want a change of style as well as colour.

The problem we have found with clients using replacement companies  is that when the companies find a none standard part to your kitchen (like a plate rack, wine rack or ornate cooker hood for example) they will expect you to paint it to match. To us that is not a complete kitchen makeover service.

Our belief is that we can offer a more flexible kitchen door replacement service as we can both replace doors AND spray everything else to match. We also do not need fancy showrooms and can therefore pass our overhead savings on to you. We can bring any samples straight to you if you need to see them. What we have noticed from feedback from customers is that some door replacement companies will tell you that your existing door cannot be sprayed; this is wrong. You can spray any surface with the right preparation and primers.

In addition to replacement doors we can offer all the other kitchen makeover products you would expect: tiling, worktops, lighting and other resurfacing techniques. These techniques include resin and microcement products as well as different paint products. These can be applied to existing tiles. Got your heart set on some solid granite worktops? We can arrange this too.

If you are thinking of replacing your kitchen doors, please make sure you give Kitchen Edit a ring so that you can see how we compare. We cover the areas between Penzance and Bristol, so if you live in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Avon do not hesitate to get in touch.

What are the main benefits of replacing kitchen doors?

Cost saving

You can save up to 70% of the cost compared to a new kitchen. It is a far better return on investment than a new install too. We have received reports from customers whose house valuation has significantly increased following our services.

Minimal disruption

We pride ourselves on our low disruption when delivering the work on-site. The kitchen door replacement service in most cases will only take up to 3 days from start to finish. This includes the spraying of the fixed parts to match. We use dustless sanding systems during preparation. When the spraying starts we will have already masked and protected all the surfaces necessary.

It really looks like a new kitchen!

It seems like an obvious thing to say but many of our customers say it themselves. “It looks like a new kitchen” or “It looks like a different kitchen” or “Is this my kitchen?!”. When the final door or handle is on and the masking and tools are removed, you won’t believe your eyes!

It’s a fast, efficient solution

For kitchen refurbishment, our services are without a doubt, fast and efficient. Be assured this does not compromise on quality, it is down to years of experience and refining our systems and products. In as little as 3 days on-site you can have a brand new kitchen instead of weeks of multiple trades and dust on a new install.

Environmentally Friendly

This is an environmentally friendly solution. By reusing what you have it reduces landfill, transportation costs, manufacturing pollution and many other areas. We recycle as much as possible in our workshop and reuse old doors on future projects. We use towelling / rags that has been recycled from the hospitality industry to clean the kitchens.

Hard Wearing Finish

Our replacement kitchen doors are of the highest quality using traditional jointing methods. They are a mixture of Tulipwood and Moisture Resistant MDF depending on the style you choose. This is the industry standard for high-end painted kitchens. We use hard-wearing primers and topcoats to ensure a long lasting and durable finish. Our preparation process also aids the whole finished product. Like most things preparation is key and without it, the painting will fail.

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What parts of the Kitchen can we replace?

The main parts we replace in this service are obviously your Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers. However, we also can replace the following parts in your kitchen:

  • Plinth
  • Pelmet
  • Cornice
  • Panels

Once we have sprayed all the replacement doors and drawers in our workshop, we will then come to the site. Any further replacement is done and then everything is fully sprayed to match your new doors.

Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on our customer service and endeavour to provide the same high quality experience with each new customer. From initial call to final handover we aim to create a seamless process.

The journey to a new looking kitchen should be a smooth process and that is how our kitchen respray works. We can help during our onsite visit guide through colours, materials and ideas to get to the goal you are after.

We have developed a systematic process throughout to ensure consistency. This includes our management software that allows you to login to see who is coming, when, and to do what! All the site visits, financial information and preparation guides are accessible to you through your own portal.

  • Extensive Preparation

    We follow a tried and tested process developed over 10 years to ensure a quality kitchen respray.

  • Full systematic process

    We endeavour to make the process as painless as possible. Each stage is carefully planned and communicated. By choosing a kitchen respray over a new kitchen you have already saved yourself a lot of upheaval. Our process is as efficient as possible allowing you a new kitchen in just a few days sitework.

  • Add other services

    We can offer several other services to compliment your new kitchen respray. We can wrap worktops and tiles, upgrade hinges and drawers to soft close and supply and fit new handles. Your new look is only a phone call away!

  • Customer service

    Your customer experience is extremely important to us from initial quote through to the final handover. We have trained our staff across each stage and have an IT system that is accessible to you giving you all the information you need. From site visit dates, what to expect and who’s coming.

Add Other Services

Upgrade hinges, runners or wirework

Alongside a kitchen respray or replacement door service we can upgrade or add additional items to improve the look, feel and use of your kitchen

Add or change cabinetry

We can add additional cabinets to wall or base areas to improve the storage and use of your existing kitchen

Change Handles / Knobs

If you do not like your current cabinet furniture or the position on the door we can change this. Any existing holes can be filled and the new handle fitted at the very end. Some new furniture coupled with the change of colour / style, can have a dramatic impact on the final look so it is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

It works out less than a new kitchen, prices will vary depending on condition, size, and location of the kitchen. You can view the following price guide here. To get an accurate quote please complete the enquiry form for an obligation free quote from in just 48 hours. 

You can have any colour you want. All you need to do is provide us with a paint manufacturer and the name of their paint (for instance, Farrow & Ball, Little green or RAL). Or you can have a colour match – for instance, if you have a new  blinds or you love the colour of your crockery, give us a sample and we can respray your kitchen cabinets the same colour! we also offer a various sheen levels.

If cared for finish can last up to 10 years. All our work is guaranteed for 2 years, where we will come and rectify any issues, No Fuss. We also supply a touch up kit so any damage can be rectified with minimal effort. 

Most of our customers prefer to leave them unfinished, there are other options which we can discuss with you. 

Most projects are completed in 10 working days with only 3 days in your home.

Find more FAQs by clicking here

Completed Projects

Here’s some walkthroughs of recently completed kitchen resprays

Looking for a quick quote?

Kitchen Respray

We offer full kitchen resprays, doors and drawers removed and sprayed both sides off site. All on-site parts sprayed in-situ

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Made to measure replacement doors, sprayed any colour. All your existing on-site parts sprayed to match

Worktop Vinyl Wrapping

Hard wearing vinyl wraps available in a huge range of designs which can be applied directly over your existing worktop

Kitchen Refurbishment

Some of our projects require a bit more than a full respray, particularly older bespoke kitchens. We can bring it back to life by repairing or replacing damaged elements and bringing it back to it’s former glory..

Kitchen Makeover

We think a kitchen makeover really makes use of all the services we offer. It’s when you think everything about you kitchen is wrong! This requires a fresh look with new doors, handles, a new colour and vinyl wrapped worktops. Basically a new kitchen at a fraction of the price of a new kitchen!

Kitchen Resurfacing

Kitchen resurfacing is another term for covering what you have already with a new surface or material. So this could be anything from new doors, to paint, vinyl wrap or microcement. There are a huge array of resurfacing products and styles now, so if you are keen for something unique we can help with that look too.