Spray or Hand Painted Finish

Spray or Hand Painted

You may have seen these terms in relation to painting or refurbishing a kitchen. They offer two different methods of applying paint which vary in cost, time and look.

Spray finishing is the cheapest, quickest and most uniform look. We spray all the removable parts of a kitchen off-site and spray everything else on site. We use specialist masking products to allow us to give you the spray factory finish to ALL areas (not sprayed doors and hand painted cabinets). The quality of spray finishing can vary depending on the skill of the craftsperson and the type of sprayer they use. We have many types of sprayers, however for cabinetry we use an Air-Assisted system which gives a high production rate but very fine finish that is extremely controllable. A spray finish works on all kitchens but the look can be varied depending on the product and sheen you use. For example an acrylic paint will look different to a polyurethane.

Hand painting is a longer process that will cost more in labour as a result. Many high end bespoke kitchen companies like Smallbone, Charles York, Harvey Jones (all of which we have painted) offer the hand painted finish because it can give a softer, more luxurious and elegant feel to a timber kitchen.