• Full Kitchen Resprays

    Doors and drawers removed and sprayed off-site. All on-site parts masked and sprayed to match

  • Made to Measure Replacement Doors / Drawers

    Bespoke doors and drawers available in different styles. Sprayed any colour and your existing cabinetry sprayed to match

  • Vinyl worktop wrapping

    Applied over existing surfaces and available in huge range of styles

Kitchen Respray

We offer full kitchen resprays, doors and drawers removed and sprayed on both sides off-site. All on-site parts sprayed in-situ

Replacement Kitchen Doors

Made to measure replacement doors, sprayed any colour. All your existing on-site parts sprayed to match

Worktop Vinyl Wrapping

Hard-wearing vinyl wraps available in a huge range of designs which can be applied directly over your existing worktop

Kitchen Refurbishment

Some of our projects require a bit more than a full respray, particularly older bespoke kitchens. A kitchen refurbishment can bring it back to life by repairing or replacing damaged elements and bringing it back to its former glory.

Kitchen Makeover

We think a kitchen makeover really makes use of all the services we offer. It’s when you think everything about your kitchen is wrong! This requires a fresh look with replacement doors, handles, a new colour and vinyl-wrapped worktops. Basically a new kitchen at a fraction of the price of a new kitchen!

Kitchen Resurfacing

Kitchen resurfacing is another term for covering what you have already with a new surface or material. So this could be anything from replacement doors to a kitchen respray, vinyl wrap or microcement. There are a huge array of resurfacing products and styles now, so if you are keen on something unique we can help with that look too.

Add Other Services

Upgrade hinges, runners or wirework

Alongside a kitchen respray or replacement door service we can upgrade or add additional items to improve the look, feel and use of your kitchen

Add or change cabinetry

We can add additional cabinets to wall or base areas to improve the storage and use of your existing kitchen

Change Handles / Knobs

If you do not like your current cabinet furniture or the position on the door we can change this. Any existing holes can be filled and the new handle fitted at the very end. Some new furniture coupled with the change of colour / style, can have a dramatic impact on the final look so it is definitely worth considering.

Completed Projects

Here’s some walkthroughs of recently completed kitchen resprays

How do I get a quote?

  • Send Pictures

    You send pictures for quote using the contact form, Whatsapp or email.

  • Quote Emailed

    We email you with a quote based on your pictures, normally within 24-48 hours.

    Quote Emailed

  • Review Quote

    Contact us with any questions or revisions.

  • Book Showroom visit

    Book a personal appointment at our showroom to view completed kitchens and finishes available

    Book Showroom visit

  • Showroom visit

    Visit our showroom, spray workshop and wood workshop. Meet the team and see the finishes and other upgrades available to you

  • Quote Updated

    Following show room visit quote is updated and sent via email and text

    Quote Updated

  • Book Job in Schedule

    Once the deposit is received your job will be booked into the next available slot in schedule (normally 8-12 weeks ahead). If you need a specific week we should be able to accommodate it, please talk to our Workshop Manager Jobs normally take 10 working days  (2 weeks) from start to finish. On average only 3 of this will be at your address with the rest of the work happening at our workshop.

  • Choose Colour(s) / Handles

    Decide on your colour scheme and handles. We need colour choices two weeks before our first visit. Handles need to be ready on the 1st day so the placement can be discussed.

    Choose Colour(s) / Handles

  • Prepare Kitchen

    Before arrival you only need to clear worktops, empty drawers, empty open shelving and glazed units. You do not need to empty cupboards as this will be protected when working. Please also move any items of furniture or pictures that are close to end panels or parts of the kitchen we need to access.

  • Job Starts - Day 1

    We collect the doors and drawers of your kitchen and take them back to our workshop. The rest of the day is spent preparing the fixed components on site. They will be thoroughly degreased, chemically and mechanically keyed and any repairs made. Your kitchen will be usable at the end of this process.

    Job Starts - Day 1

  • Day 2 - 10 working days (2 weeks) after start date

    During this day the fixed parts of you kitchen will be masked up in preparation for spraying the following day. Any outstanding preparation will also be completed this day. The kitchen will be out of action for the day and night so please treat yourself to a takeaway or meal out!

  • Day 3 (After 2nd day)

    The kitchen is sprayed with primer and topcoats during the morning. We then refit and aligned the finished doors and drawers. New handles are fitted at this stage if you are changing them. The whole kitchen is then checked before handing over. (please note sometimes we can refit the same day as the onsite spraying).

    Day 3 (After 2nd day)

  • Job Done!

    You have a kitchen that looks like NEW, at a fraction of the cost with minimal mess and disruption.

  • Guarantee / Aftercare

    All our work is guaranteed for 2 years! If you have any concerns Please don’t hesitate to call we are always happy to help. We also supply a touch up kit for any knocks or bumps to surfaces.

    Guarantee / Aftercare

Looking for a quick quote?

Frequently Asked Questions

It works out less than a new kitchen, prices will vary depending on condition, size, and location of the kitchen. You can view the following price guide here. To get an accurate quote please complete the enquiry form for an obligation free quote from in just 48 hours. 

You can have any colour you want. All you need to do is provide us with a paint manufacturer and the name of their paint (for instance, Farrow & Ball, Little green or RAL). Or you can have a colour match – for instance, if you have a new  blinds or you love the colour of your crockery, give us a sample and we can respray your kitchen cabinets the same colour! we also offer a various sheen levels.

If cared for finish can last up to 10 years. All our work is guaranteed for 2 years, where we will come and rectify any issues, No Fuss. We also supply a touch up kit so any damage can be rectified with minimal effort. 

Most of our customers prefer to leave them unfinished, there are other options which we can discuss with you. 

Most projects are completed in 10 working days with only 3 days in your home.

Find more FAQs by clicking here