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Spray or Hand Painted Finish

Spray or Hand Painted You may have seen these terms in relation to painting or refurbishing a kitchen. They offer two different methods of applying paint which vary in cost, time and look. Spray finishing is the cheapest, quickest and most uniform look. We spray all the removable parts of a kitchen off-site and spray everything else on site. We use specialist masking products to allow us to give you the spray factory finish to […]

Kitchen Makeover – Choosing Handles

Here’s a list of a few websites where you can view a variety of handles/knobs for your kitchen: https://www.handles4doors.co.uk/ https://www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk https://www.morehandles.co.uk/ If you are replacing your handles using the existing holes, please measure the distance centre to centre (for handles). You can then use this measurement on the websites above to find handles that will fit exactly. If you decide to go with a different position and type please let us know before we collect […]